POC vs MVP: What’s The Difference? Which One To Choose in 2022

POC (Proof of Concept): The concept and Uses

When POC comes into play?

  • So, you see it’s not everyday you will be needing POC except when you need to start with a totally fresh idea.POC is highly recommended here. Eventually you will gain confidence by testing the technicalities of your idea. This will allow you to test your out of box ideas that too safely. Great, isn’t it ?
  • Imagine a scenario where you already have a full fledged concept running successfully in the market. You wake up one day with an idea to add absolutely new functionality to it. POC can be your saviour here. Before launching it on a large scale you can test it in a controlled environment. Furthermore , this will also prevent any negative impact on your “successful” product.

Minimum Viable Product

When to use Minimum Viable Product?

  • Reducing the overall cost is the most fundamental requirement. It lets you devise your developmental plan without knocking down your hard earned resources. You can launch the most basic yet best version of it, increasing your probability of success rate.
  • Short development cycle is another feature of MVP. I hope you agree with me. 42% of the out of box ideas fail because of their longer development cycle. You must be wondering how MVP helps you with this. Let me walk through it. You can roll out the product with less but superior features. Now, you can exactly target the pain point with the feedback you receive. Thus, saving yourself from the burnouts, you see!
  • Capturing the early market base is every business’s fundamental requirement. Launching a MVP gives you a chance to reach those customers and impress them with your concept. As a result of which you gain confidence in the viability of your business. Additionally, you also get to know the market demand. That in turn helps you in continuously improving the innovation.

POC or MVP: Which to choose in 2022?

  • If you are confused on the technical feasibility of your project then POC is good to go with. Questions like what if my site crashes in high demand hours etc can be quickly answered with POC.
  • For small businesses which still struggle with the problem of funding, POC should be their choice. This also gives a nod to the technical aspect of the project.
  • When you are ready with a clickable interface of your app or project which requires no coding then POC is the choice.
  • You stand on a platform where you are ready to roll on your fundamental product with some controlled features then MVP is the choice you should make. This will not only save your cost but also gives you room for improvement.
  • You are in a scenario where you are launching a project for the first time and want to gain an insight into your potential customer base then MVP is good to go for. This will give you a great opportunity to capture the early customer base. Interesting, isn’t it?
  • Startups face a major problem of seed stage funding. This flag mostly remains red for them. Moreover convincing investors on technical backgrounds also remains a challenge. In such a situation POC is the answer.

POV Vs MVP : A Comparative Study

The Overview




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