Why is it important to build MVP in 2022?

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3 min readJan 21, 2022


Now truth be told, there are several ways to launch a product in the market. But you can’t forget the obstacles in the way. You agree with me, don’t you? Well, you must be wondering what obstacles I am talking about! To start with, you need to think about expenses, idea validation, and market demand. That’s just logical, right?

Nevertheless, what if I tell you that there’s an easier way out? An approach that will help you assess the probabilities of success before you jump into the full product development cycle! Well, I am obviously talking about the Minimum Viable Product approach.

It is all about tapping into the market and checking if your product is actually needed or even if it solves any problems. This lean approach will further help you avoid unwanted features and save you time and money as well. What a shining star it is!

Guess what? The significance of (Minimum Viable Product) has grown rapidly these days with the booming startup culture. With the constricted budget and struggling ideas, this is a proven method to launch a product in the market for the first time.

Why build MVP in 2022?

Let’s cut to the chase and check out the major benefits of the whole process. Do follow up.

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See, full product development needs a lot more effort, time, and money. Simple, right? So the prime objective here is to save resources while getting the idea to the market. How smart is that?

Building a product around the basic core features requires much less time and effort. It also gets the work done! So, can you evaluate the cost-efficiency right here? With these businesses gaining more users and validation, effectively turn this product into the full development cycle and launch in the market with a big bang!

How is MVP different from the prototype?

Hey, wait for a second! Are you slightly confused between MVP and a prototype? Please don’t be! Let us help you out instead!

I agree that both are similar but definitely not the same. To be precise, a minimum viable product is more like a functional prototype. It is created to test the possibilities of its success with a tap on the user feedback.

On the other hand, a prototype is more of a non-interactive representation of how the audience MAY react to a specific product.

If the prototype is the plan, then a minimum viable product is the function product with respect to the context here.

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